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Some horror films I’m looking forward to!


Is “Horns” seriousy in there as a horror movie? 😂 It may be the only movie where I don’t see Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter anymore, definitely not a horror though 😂😂 Keen as for the rest! Come have a marathon

I can see Horns being categorized as a horror movie as the book was technically a horror novel

Oh is it based off a book? I’ve only seen the one trailer for it but it looked like a “Rapture-palooza” sort of horror movie, mostly comedy.

yeah, it’s by Stephen Kings son. It gets pretty sick and twisted. I guess it could be more appropriately described as a mystery or suspense novel, but it definitely is seated in the horror genre. look it up, it’s a really good book. I’m always leery of book movie stuff but Joe King is a kick ass writer so the movie should be good.

I will definitely have to get it!
The trailer just didn’t strike as a “scary” type of movie or anything is all.
I’m excited for it though! Looks great regardless :)

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